Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Non-Existence is Not Possible

Ancient philosophers as far back as Thales of Miletus c. 550 BCE hypothesized about the conservation of some underlying substance of which everything is made.

Empedocles (490–430 BCE) wrote that in his universal system, composed of four roots - earth, air, water, fire - "nothing comes to be or perishes," these elements are in a constant state of rearrangement.

Einstein's mass-energy equivalence (E=m*c2) states, you are energy and all energy in the universe is constant. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can be converted from one form into another. So, essentially you are indestructible. You were never created and can't be destroyed or cease to exist.

At our core, the human being is pure energy. Some people believe that when you transition (or die), the 'Self' goes into a state of non-existence; a state of nothing; total oblivion. Non-existence is not possible.

If you take a nap, with no alarm set, you tell yourself, "I'm tired, I'll sleep until I wake up on my own." The nap could last anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours or more. However long or short the nap, when you wake up, there is no awareness of the time you were asleep.

This is why there has never been a t
ime you can think back to when you did not exist. Most of us can remember being 3-5 years old. Beyond that, most people don't remember being 1 month old to 24 months, and we certainly don't remember being fully alive in our mother's womb. Doesn't mean that time frame did not exist, we simply do not remember.

Therefore, if your non-existence lasted 3 hours or 3000 years, when your energy moves into another life, another incarnation, you would have no clue that you were not alive, nor would you know how long or short you were in a state of oblivion.

A physical demise occurs with everyone. However, an energetic or spiritual abeyance will not and can not happen. This truth eliminates the nonsensical possibility of the human-conceived idea of Hell.

Energy moves into form, through form, and out of form and the cycle is repeated. This process has been going on for billions of years. Somewhere there is always life, somewhere you have and will always exist.

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