Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Transition of Eddie Long

I have never been a supporter of Eddie Long or Creflo Dollar or T.D. Jakes or Joyce Meyer or Joel Osteen or any of the plethora of "prosperity preachers." However, judging one's life after one has passed, is not the thing to do. We come into this life, we do the best we can and we transition to another incarnation (and it doesn't have to be on this particular planet, by the way).

There is no punishment, there are only lessons that need to be learned. This universe is not about punishing people after they are no longer of this three-dimensional reality. The religious stories that have been bandied about for centuries, were set up for the sole purposes of controlling your mind, your thoughts, and your pocket book.

Even Charles Manson's spirit/energy/soul will not suffer "eternal damnation" because at our core, we are 100% energy. Energy does not burn, cannot be destroyed; it moves into form (birth), through form (the life that we're 'experiencing' now), and out of form (physical death) and the cycle repeats itself.

Think about it... when has there been a time when you were NOT alive? We don't remember being 1 or 2 years old, doesn't mean we were never 1 or 2... we don't remember being in our mother's womb, doesn't mean we were never there.. just as we don't remember previous lives.

When your spirit decided to come to, or return to this planet, it was necessary for you to have an amnesiac block. This gives the spirit, incarnating into a different body, the ability to focus on the maturation of your soul through experience and learning, while not having the clutter of myriad past lives that would hinder your spiritual growth.

Unfortunately, all fundamentalist believers have fallen, hook, line, and sinker, for the plagiarized myths lifted from Egyptian folklore. Look at all the outlandish stories in the Bible and the Quran... How in the world can you all believe such utter nonsense? And black folks, REALLY? Our ancestors who suffered through the "Middle Passage," who came over on slave ships, Christianity was forced on them, so they had an excuse. This destructive book has been passed from one generation to the next. A "white savior", "coming through the clouds," to save all Christians (or a black savior, that's just as ridiculous - a person cannot return if he never existed). Really black folks (and Caucasian people as well, I'm not letting you off the hook, but that's your religion, we should want no parts of it). But seriously black folks? Lose the fear, the superstition and educate yourself on pre-Christian literature (I can guarantee, if you're bold enough to read Robert Ingersoll's book, "Mistakes of Moses" - and it's a free digital download on - you will clearly see that you have been hoodwinked).

Let me ask you a hypothetical question, what was your savior's given name? The Spanish translation of Jesus is Jesús (hay-zeus) and Yeshua is the Hebrew translation of Jesus. Christ or Christos is a title, like 'King'. So Jesus Christ was certainly not his name. If you research far enough, you'll see that this apocryphal savior's name was purportedly Yeshua ben Yosef; a Hebrew name as common as the American name, David Michael Smith. Therefore, I'm sure there were a few Yeshua ben Yosef's around. Unfortunately, no historian of that epoch recorded any of the miraculous tales, it's only recorded in the preposterous Christian holy book.

Not going to make any friends with this article, I'm certain of that, but I could care less because it's past time for y'all to WAKE UP!!

The risks of life and sanity on this planet are not designed to cause us any further pain after our transition.

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