Sunday, May 01, 2011

Religious Fervor

What is it going to take for the masses to realize that religion is the most divisive and destructive force created by man. Again, "created by man." Unfortunately, the devout believers of the many religions absurdly believe that theirs is truly ordained by the Creator and the others are projects supported by the devil.

No one seems to stop and think, or dare to do any research (outside of their particular book), on the fact that Satan himself is also a mythical product of Man. Most religions have their own book, purportedly to be the "word of God," so how can it be incorrect. It comes straight from God, so it's a book to live by and if you do not abide by this book, you're going to an awful place when you die.

Think about everything associated with God. Nature, trees, the Rain Forest, beautiful sunsets, peace, tranquility, and love. If God did write or inspire a book it would be the most peaceful, awe-inspiring, motivational, positive, and most dynamic book you ever read. There would be no instruction on war, killing, famine, slavery, judgment, killing first born, etc., etc. The myriad negative passages in the Bible and Koran do not come from, nor were they inspired, by a loving presence in the Universe that we refer to as God. It's just not possible.


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