Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Man's Subconscious is Immortal

This is an extremely profound excerpt from Edgar Cayce, the book is called "Edgar Cayce Modern Prophet."

Thought is the Builder - the wet clay responsive to the potter's hands - and the survival of the soul depends utterly on its power to mold its destiny at the subconscious level, where the clay is moist enough to respond.

Who am I? - Helping Students Embrace their SpirituJust as a series of chain reactions alters the atom from a harmless particle of solid matter to the mushroom cloud that obliterated Hiroshima, the chain reactions of positive thought can eventually release the soul from solid matter and return it to the freedom of its fluid state at the astral level. It's because we lack the equivalents of such convenient scientific terms as "atomic fissure," that we are reduced to referring to the the process which releases the soul as "the tragedy of death."

This is akin to throwing away the potato and glorifying the potato peel. It is far simpler to think of the soul in terms of Telstar. It takes two booster-rockets to free it of gravity and set it into astral orbit. As soon as the rockets fulfill their function, they burn out and fall away, just as the flesh body - the earthly shell of the soul - burns out and falls away in death, to be followed by the expended "ego," the discarded conscious mind of the earth shell.

The soul is no longer entrapped in matter. It is free. All that it retains from its sojourn in its earth shell is the total recall of its worldly experiences, now safely stored in its "memory bank." But only the "conscious" mind has been discarded.

The subconscious mind has survived because it neither consist of, nor depends on, matter. It now becomes the conscious mind of the soul, and will continue to function as such until the soul returns into the earth's dense matter to begin its next life.

Edgar Cayce

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