Wednesday, February 01, 2012

To School, Through School, and Beyond

A mother drops her child off at school and prays that he has a productive day. She prays for her daughter's well-being; for her to learn, mature, and develop the necessary social skills needed in life. A father meditates on the welfare of his child. In some cases, he may even erroneously attempt to live vicariously through his son, a chip off the old block.

The inspiration for this article came while thanking Mother and Father God for protecting my children on the way to school; while they were in school; and assisting them in making it home safely. It dawned on me, that's exactly what we do as Spirits when we make the decision to come to this school called Earth. We leave home to go to school; we spend a number of earthbound years studying, learning, growing, and then we make the transition back home. It's the same concept that we have been involved in all of our lives. It's all about learning. Almost all of our lessons are centered around love, and how to love. It is our common denominator; our common bond as Spiritual Beings made in the image of a loving Creator.

The lessons we are here to learn come in various levels of difficulty. Some assignments are more arduous than others, but all are based on what preceded our current circumstances. Instruction and guidance generally comes in small, easily attainable doses at first. However, if we ignore, or sleep through the intended message, the second time around, the homework will be a tad bit more complex, because we made it so. Another way to put it, you've made your bed, now you must sleep in it, or, "as you sow, so shall you reap."

Scapegoating is never an option because it is tantamount to cheating on an exam. If you're not found out initially, your actions will revisit you. Blame others and you miss the intended lesson, and to your inattentive dismay, the instruction will come back with a vengeance.

We learn by expanding our awareness about ourselves and scapegoating does not allow that. Learning about the world helps us to progress, succeed, and evolve. Spiritual regression takes place when we blame our problems on someone else. The challenges we face in the areas of finance, health, and relationships, are all part of the curriculum. Every day, there are new lessons to learn and challenges to overcome.

Changes are inevitable. How we deal with Change is an effective way to build character while increasing our intellectual flexibility.

Everyone graduates from this school we call earth. What we refer to as "death" is simply a transition or graduation from this life to our eternal home. In the spiritual realm, we recognize the realities, possibilities, and requirements of our past lives. Contrary to popular belief, there is no punishment for our actions; we simply have more studying to do. In other words, if we do harm to someone, that same harm will be meted out to us at some point in our evolution. This occurs because it's the most effective way to teach us, first hand, how we made another 'Being' feel. What better way to learn a lesson? There would be absolutely no growth if "eternal damnation" awaited the 99% of people who make mistakes in this life. Some more egregious that others, but missteps nonetheless.

God has great compassion for human weakness. Karmic choices follow our earthly deeds, otherwise we would learn nothing by coming to Earth. Unfortunately, because of religious dogma, brainwashing, fear, and hereditary ignorance, most of us don't realize that the tremendous risk of life and sanity on this planet are not designed to cause us anymore suffering after death.

B. E. Shaw Sr.

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