Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's Time for a Positive . . .

*** VOTE WARNING *** For those who normally vote "Straight Democratic", please pay close attention!!!!!  I was informed this weekend by a group of Obama volunteers that when voting for the presidential candidate this November, you have to make sure you punch Barack's name first, then proceed to punch "Straight Democratic" or else the vote for the president won't count.  I'm not sure if any of you are aware of this, but we know they won't tell us this at the polls.  Please make sure to inform others.
I watch the political shows on CNN and it's amazing to me how a good portion of the nation, mostly White America, cannot accept the fact that this Black Man is totally dominating the presidential race. He's without a doubt, more qualified, and has a qualified running mate in Joe Biden. On the flipside, you have a 72-year-old candidate who has sided with President Bush on many issues, and America clearly see's the total mess Bush has us in. Certainly McCain has much more experience than Obama for the simple fact that he is 26 years older. But that's like the 62-year-old co-worker in your office, just because he's 15 - 40 years older than everyone else doesn't make him a better employee. Usually it's just the opposite; he or she is probably not doing very much at all except walking around with a cup of coffee all day.

McCain has a running mate with issues GALORE, so I won't even go there. The Palin supporters appear to have turned a deaf ear to everything that is going on with "That One" and is willing to jeopardize their very own futures because they simply don't want a Black Man in the Oval Office. White America, you can try to dress it up however you want, but truth be told, if Obama were Caucasian the nation would be talking about what a landslide victory this is going to be. America would be asking, why McCain made such an unwise choice of VP candidates.

Race still rules in America. This is why the reaction to the OJ Murder Case was split along racial lines, because Race Rules in America. OJ is in prison now for the rest of his life, but that is certainly not the point here. The OJ Murder case served as the barometer of race relations in America. The split reactions clearly showed where we stand, otherwise, the "not guilty" verdict would have been met with the same nonchalance as when Robert Blake (Baretta and "Mickey" from the original "Little Rascals") was found not guilty of murdering his wife. No one cared about Robert Blake. Not to make light of anyone's untimely passing, especially because of a senseless murder, but husbands' kill wives (and sometimes boyfriends) on a regular basis in America and across the globe, and the nation was never as emotionally involved as we were with the OJ case. Most Blacks carried on like OJ was a close relative, and most Whites conducted themselves as if Nicole and Ronald were long lost siblings. How in the world can you sit there and tell me the OJ murder case was not about race?

What's staring America in the face now, is it’s first Black President. A Black Man, elected to the most powerful position in America, and arguably the most powerful position in the world. We are quickly approaching 2009 and America is still blinded by RACISM, even to the point of sabotaging it’s very own future.


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