Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Why Attack Oprah?

Millions insist that Jesus is the only way to God/Heaven. In the video, Oprah speaks with author Eckhart Tolle about "other ways to God, other ways to Nirvana," while a Christian narrator takes verbal, uncontested jabs at her. (See YouTube Video) I agree 100% with Oprah and not because of who she is but because what she talks about is logical to me. The danger to Oprah however, is it appears as if she is taking on the Christian/Catholic Church and that is very dangerous. Why? Because some Christians are, by their historical nature, arrogant, confrontational, and can be a tad violent if you do not agree with their way of thinking.

Truth be told, what Oprah talks about is no different than what millions of others talk about every single day. However, since she is who she is, and simply by mentioning her name you get publicity, they attack Oprah instead of the charging bull that is a Free-Thinking Society. More and more people are beginning to think for themselves. These free thinkers are not fearful of a judging, punishing God/Jesus who will condemn your soul to unspeakable, everlasting punishment. “If you don't call me LORD or drop to your knees and confess JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY TO SALVATION or eternal life,” I’m sending you to the pits of hell. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go straight to hell. How absurd is this? At death, the body expires and there is no longer a physical you, so where is the pain; where is the torment? Is it in the mind, or do the hell-dwellers retain a physical body in order to experience the torment forever and ever?

At the end of the video the narrator says "Christians turn off your televisions and pray." In other words, "Don't watch Oprah, or any other program that suggest other ways to nirvana." Did the author make this suggestion to keep Christian followers in the dark as they have since the times of Emperor Constantine – a pagan emperor who collated many books of the bible.

"So dark the con of Man," to use religion, hellfire, brimstone, and eternal damnation as the most powerful method of control in the history of the world.

One question I've had for the past 30 years is this: why are Christians so concerned about the eternal fate of others? Can’t you just mind your own business? Just associate with fellow Christians, we don’t mind; we won’t be hurt. Christians are quick to tell you, "oh no, I am not trying to save your soul, only the Holy Spirit can do that!" Then why are you always in my face? You believe what you want to believe and leave me alone, and stay away from my children too! If you believe I am going to hell, so be it; that's your belief not mine.

When "Christians" talk about heaven, and their imperative need to get there, I wonder (hypothetically speaking) what about the billions of people, including friends, relatives, acquaintances, strangers who helped you from time to time in your earthly incarnation; what about those people who did not share your beliefs? Can you sit behind your pearly gates and not be concerned about the fate of billions that, in your world, would be suffering such an atrocious fate as hell? Or do you say, "I told you so."

Is that part of your memory/existence erased? What does that say, or what would that say about the mentality or spirituality of the heavenly inhabitants? Do you turn a deaf ear to your suffering, former earthly compatriots? While loved ones roast eternally? Or, do you do what Chris Nielson (Robin Williams) did in the movie, "What dreams may come" and leave the serenity of heaven and enter the pits of hell to rescue your loved one? We all know the answer to that question; unless you have a total spiritual makeover when you hit the proverbial Pearly Gates there would be billions who would use their spiritual where-with-all to commandeer a loved one from Satan’s grasp, as Chris Nielson did, or did he? (I want spoil it for you, rent the movie).

We are spiritual beings experiencing an earthly, physical existence. We are eternal and will return to the source from which we came, and our journey as eternal travelers will continue.



  1. Anonymous1:17 AM

    So I'm confused. Are you an Atheist? or have you just been disillusioned by "religion"? You seem to be straddling the fence between belief and unbelief.

  2. If you care to have proper dialogue, your blog should be available for people to reply to you w/o having an account set up with that particular blog ..

    Watch this documentary, if you have the courage, or if your "religion" will allow it ..