Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Expanding Consciousness

No one gets away with anything; your Spirit won’t allow it. When you make the transition from this life to the next, your own Spirit evaluates your life in a panoramic, non-judgmental review. The emotions and feelings of those individuals that you mistreated or abused will be displayed. You will feel the exact emotion of what the recipient felt at the time of your transgression.

If your Spirit deems it necessary to experience the pain and suffering you subjected to another in your lifetime, then a karmic effect is created that leads to another physical incarnation. In this subsequent life you will, at some point, experience a very similar, if not harsher punishment than what you meted out in your previous embodiment. The Universe is Fair!

Often on the daily news you hear of a tragedy that occurred to an individual who, by all accounts, had all their “ducks in a row.” He or she was a model student/citizen and had no enemies to speak of, but inexplicably that person was murdered in a horrible fashion. Absolutely no one can explain why anyone would commit such a heinous crime to such a “loving and caring” person. The explanation is rather simple. I don’t mean to be harsh, so if the reader has recently loss a loved one in such a traumatic fashion, please accept my apology. But it’s the karmic effect of the Spirit allowing you to experience a similar fate. In this life, you are the victim. In your last earthly experience, you were the perpetrator.

Look at all the innocent victims of 911. Over 3000 American lives tragically lost. Miraculously, some people didn’t report to work that day, or missed their train or carpool. Some called in sick or just didn’t feel like coming to work that day. Those people’s lives were spared. But many of the people who did go to work on 09/11/2001 suffered a horrible demise. No one can imagine the fear these people experienced shortly before their physical deaths. Many had the option to jump to their deaths, be crushed, or burned; some options huh? As difficult as it might be for you to imagine, the pain and suffering the 911 victims felt could very well have been the pain and suffering they brought on others in a previous life. Now you’re thinking, no way would Mary Ann be that type of person in this life or any life. But Mary Ann the ego, was a different human being in a previous life. The Mary Ann you knew was Tim, Tukiko, or Surayya in a previous existence. A being with the same spirit, but with a different earthly body, and a totally different experience.
Take the ex-gridiron great, Orenthal James (OJ) Simpson. Many feel he got away with murder, however, his Spirit will deal with it when it is time and the law of cause and effect, or reaping what you sow (and this is not Biblical, but a Universal Law), will ensure OJ will learn and grow spiritually from the harm that he’s done in this life. His re-incarnated spirit will face a scenario of a young man/woman who has it all together and inexplicably, a tragedy will occur. Or the entity will suffer from the onset of life till the end of that life. Whichever is the case, it will be a tragedy just as brutal, if not more, as the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown.

"If we abused people in one life, our higher self would probably cause us to reincarnate into a situation where we'd get abused to make us realize the misery we've caused others."

If your Spirit were not wearing the blinders of religion, tradition, customs, hereditary bollocks, and blind faith, you could clearly see this. You would see it because the Spirit speaks clearly if you listen. Be still and know!

A late relative of mine, Raymond, was born with a predisposition to shyness. As Ray approached his late teens he began to slowly but surely overcome his bashfulness. In his early 20’s however, he had a major setback. Someone spiked his drink with an almost lethal dose of something (we never found out who did this or what the substance was) and he was never the same. He was diagnosed with severe social anxiety disorder; his weight increased to over 400 lbs, and he was on medication for the rest of his short life. He passed away at the age of 33 having lived for 13 years in a bizarre, sad, almost vegetative state. Raymond did not harm a soul in his short trip to this earthly plain, but he lived a sad, painful life. So you ask, why?

I am certain that Raymond’s 33 years on this earth was the karmic effect of a previous life. This type retribution is applicable to anyone. The Universal Law of Cause and Effect is just as real as the Law of Gravity. It shows no favoritism and the wheels that turn this immutable law is our very own collective spirits; our collective consciousness. The Universe is Fair!

I believe that our collective selves make up the God factor. Man has created a God of vengeance; a judgmental Spiritual Being waiting to judge our lives at the time of death. Here are 3 quotes to help me with my point.

Abraham Hicks ..

God is consciousness that is expanding.” The best explanation I've heard so far, about who or what God is. Abraham went on to say, “Sometimes humans feel unsettled about this [definition] because there are so many who have been happier seeing God as just an exaggerated version of man; someone very much like Man but bigger, [and] hopefully smarter.

Steven Pavlina ..

When enough people switch their primary polarization from fear to unconditional love, this planet will become a true paradise. That’s a good thing for all of us, one that’s more important than all the money in the world.

Kevin R. Williams ..

Discovering a higher reality and the supremacy of love: It is the illusion of separation (i.e., that we are not, in fact, all part of one giant Whole), which is the source of many of the problems humanity has faced. This constant desire for self apart from the Whole must be overcome in order to become the spiritual beings we really are. We are actually spirit beings having a highly evolved human experience. Everything on the physical and soul level is slowly evolving toward perfect unity with the Whole. Here in the physical realm, we are "enrolled" in a "World-School" for a class called Introduction to Eternal Life 101 to learn how to live with and love the people around us forever.

NDE (Near Death Experience) research reveals an open secret about our lives on Earth. Life is a test. It is a gigantic examination that we will be graded on after death. There is no judgment except self-judgment and we should not even do that. There is no condemnation but self-condemnation and we should not do this either.
The life review after death is for our educational benefit, enlightenment, and soul evolution. The life review is where we discover what we have been filling the void within us our entire life. The more we fill our void with love for others, the more we have evolved as soul. The love we have found within our void is what draws us into the light.

Edgar Case

In simple terms, we are children of God. If God had kids, wouldn't they be Godlike themselves? But God's kids are souls, not people as we normally experience them. We've become hardened by our concrete, physical existence, and forget that we are souls. So to say that we are children of God seems only a wistful, poetic image, certainly not a literal truth. It is true, however, and it is coming time to get back to that truth. It will set us free. It should also enhance our self-esteem and give us the will toward assuming a creative responsibility toward life.

This is the Power of Love, the power that we have as spiritual beings. Power, that if ever harnessed for the overall good of Mankind, would clearly show the components of "God."

There is a Native American saying, “No tree has branches so foolish as to fight among themselves.” To display our collective spiritual power we need to stop fighting amongst ourselves and understand that ... We are one!

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